Bowen Equine Physiotherapist Has Great Success with Precision

Marion Watt, certified practitioner of Bowen Therapy has the following to say about Precision Joint Solution Plus. 

Over the years I have treated horses with a range of ages, different types, and across different equestrian disciplines.
Bowen is a holistic therapy to keep your horse in top condition for any level of work whether that is regular competition or pleasure riding. To learn more about Marion and her years of experience with Bowen, click here.


This supplement has produced excellent results on a range of different issues including clicky joints, long term hind limb stiffness, improved comfort/performance on moderate arthritic conditions e.g. hocks and kissing spines. Precision Joint Solution Plus contains proteolytic enzyme which appears to be beneficial for horses with inflammatory gut conditions. I will continue to use this product on my event horses.

Feedback on the initial horses put on PJS+

Horse 1 is age 13 with an extended history of hindgut problems. His leaky gut syndrome contributes to generalised inflammation which affects his joints. Previous joint supplements given were unsuitable as ingredients like alphalpa, glucosamine, saccaromyces cerivisae made gut issue worse. Due to the proteolytic enzymes in PJS+ it works well for his gut and his movement has got much better- he has much more power coming through from his back end. This horse will be maintained on PJS+ long term.

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