Equine Therapist Reports Incredible Results with Precision Joint Solution Plus!

Precision Joint Solution Plus has made a huge influence on both my business as an equine therapist, and on my personal horse at home. My 30+ year old horse has really shown me a huge difference when he is on the product. I find I am better able to maintain his top-line since he has been more comfortable using the rest of his body. My farrier I’ve had for 20 years has even gotten the information on what I am feeding my horse since his feet have made an astounding change in the last couple years.  They went from being thin and brittle, which we all just assumed were the typical thoroughbred feet, to thick, healthy walled hooves.
With my clients horses I am better able to see the vast benefits of Precision Joint Solution Plus. The younger horses in training are recovering in half the time. I am hearing from owners and trainers alike that their colts are working harder and retaining more which they attribute to the youngsters feeling better after hard work. I am finding that the middle aged competition horses are coming to me with less injuries and musculoskeletal issues.
Their trainers are also reporting similar benefits of a quick recovery from hard workouts or a long weekend of showing. They are also reporting improved attitudes in their working horses. Many of my clients with retired horses have also decided to use Precision Joint Solution. Although they aren’t having issues with their older horses, they can visually see a difference in their old partners in the pasture. Their coats are healthier and they prance around with swing in their steps. In summation, Precision has become essential in my field all across the board.

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