Getting the Jump on Inflammation

There are certain cringe worthy words we hear from time to time as equestrians. One of those words is inflammation. Whether acute or chronic, minimal or large, inflammation is a something that all performance horses struggle with. Here we are going explain exactly what inflammation is, how the cycle works and how you can help manage it.

First of all, what is inflammation?

By definition, inflammation is a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.

Let us begin by saying that inflammation is a process. It also goes by the name of “inflammatory response”. Inflammation is not a constant thing, it is constantly changing. It has a complete cycle with a beginning and end.

The next major question is, “What causes inflammation?” The swelling or inflammation is almost always a reaction to injury and the swelling will go down as your injury heals. For an example, when your horse took a bad step coming off a jump or running in a race, the body created an inflammatory response to that injury.

Lets now talk about the process of inflammation. When your horse sustains an injury, big or small, the body rushes blood to that area. This is the body’s natural response to heal and protect itself. The blood traveling to that area is full of nutrients and immune boosting cells. This extra circulation of blood is very helpful in the healing process. If the cycle runs its course normally, the continued circulation will help remove the negative antibodies and fill the area with healthy cells that are then used for repairing  the damaged. Once this part of the cycle is completed, then the the swelling and inflammation begins to reduce and the area returns to normal.

However, sometimes the blood rushing to the area will not circulate properly. That is when this positive process can turn negative. That extra build up of fluid can become part of the problem when too much fluid gets trapped in the area. With the extra fluid trapped in this area it also becomes more sensitive. This is why  swollen and inflamed areas are much more painful to pressure. As horse owners this is the best time to add cold to the area. Icing the area or hydrotherapy (cold hosing) can help reduce the heat and constrict blood vessels therefore reducing the inflammation. This can certainly help the process but as we all know, inflammation typically takes a few days to run its course.

When pain is associated with inflammation, many people reach for a pill or powder to help. Giving a NSAIDS or  non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs though might temporarily reduce the pain associated with the injury or inflammation, it doesn’t help with the healing of the injury.  It simply acts as a band-aid to mask the pain. NSAIDS send signals to your brain that the injury is healed or no longer there. Though it is more comfortable, you can actually do more damage since they are more willing to put pressure on an injury that has not healed.

So here is the big question, what can we do for inflammation if NSAIDS only mask it? How can we support the natural inflammation cycle?

Precision Joint Solution Plus is formulated with ingredients to help support a normal inflammatory response.  Precision’s blend of pro-tease enzymes naturally support the circulation, allowing the natural process of inflammation to occur without excess fluid build up.  This lets the body complete the important cycle of inflammation, just at an accelerated rate. In addition, Precision’s blend of enzymes cleanse toxins and free radicals from soft tissue, along with supporting the body’s immune function as well. Precision as a whole also helps feed nutrients to the cells that reproduce stronger healthier cells, tissue and bones.

In conclusion, inflammation can be a burden but the whole process is an important one. Precision all-in-one solutions ability to support a natural inflammatory response and provide the essential nutrients of GAGs, collagen, elastin proteins, minerals and other key ingredients, is what makes it such an amazing product. Precision is truly your complete and total leg support. To purchase a 30 day supply click here.


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