Precision Provides Consistent Results for Bowen Therapist!

Bowen certified therapist Marion Watt has been using Precision Joint Solution Plus for the past few months with consistently positive results. Here is an example how Precision helped one horse.

“This horse is 17 years of age. He was written off by vets with kissing spines and hind limb suspensory desmitis six years ago. With Bowen, craniosacral and visceral therapy he has undergone rehabilitation and now events at 2* level. However, when commencing work he would often look stiff on a hind leg, particularly after a long journey or a long time spent standing on the lorry. He was on a good quality joint supplement before however since changing him to PJS+ he is rarely stiff behind even in colder weather and his suppleness in his dressage has substantially improved. A difference was seen within two weeks and improvement has continued over three months. We are confident that PJS+ will help this horse to continue eventing for a few years yet!”

To learn more about Marion Watt and the Bowen Method, click here!

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