Precision Stops Symptoms of Stringhalt!

Meet Logan, a retired successful 3’6″ Hunter. After Logan retired he began to develop string-halt out of the blue. (Stringhalt is a neuromuscular disorder of the hindquarters. Sometimes called “goose-stepping,” is a rapid flexion of the hind legs toward the belly) Logans owner decided to see if PJS+ all-one-leg support would give him some relief. In less then two weeks we received this update;

“Thought I’d let you know – we put Logan on the PJS+ and after just a week and a half we see improvement in his stringhalt! We’ve had a bunch of snow and freezing weather and that usually aggravates it, so this is huge! Not only did he not get worse, he actually seems better! You can see Logan trotting around here in this short clip without any “belly slapping” or “high leg stepping” ,though just a little foot tender after the monstrous amounts of rain and snow over the past month! – M. Pennington,  

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