Stifle Stress Keeping You Out of the Ring?

Your horse is lame or showing some sort of short step or stiffness, and you’ve narrowed down the problem to his hind end. If you’re like many horse owners, your next thought might be to check his hocks. But what about his stifles? For many, it’s the forgotten joint yet is the core issue to so many secondary issues and is often misdiagnosed as hock or fetlock issues.

Keep in mind the stifle is the largest, most complex system of joints in the horse’s body. It’s susceptible to a variety of joint disorders and cumulative wear and tear, as well as ligament and tendon injuries. It is comparable to a human knee and has actually 3 joints in-one. What is tricky with the stifle is you have multiple moving parts with several small ligaments holding all the pieces together along with tendons tying muscles to the different bones to create movement. Veterinarians are discovering that this joint is the source of pain more often than previously realized.

With all these moving pieces in a stifle you can have a multitude of issues instead of just one. You can be dealing with arthritis forming in the front joint with inflammation in the tendon sheath connected to that joint and damage in the cartilage as well and not know it. Here is where the beauty of Precision Joint Solution Plus, the all-in-one leg solution comes in.

  1. 99% of your typical joint products focuses only on the lubrication of the joint. With stifle soreness you could be having a multitude of strains, damage, inflammation effecting multiple components (bone, cartilage, meniscus, tendons, ligaments) in which lubrication will only help one element. Precision All-In-One Leg Solution is designed to support the entire joint matrix. This includes all the soft tissue as well!
  2. Precision has the powerful ingredients of collagen, elastin proteins and transforming factor B that support the health, strength and recovery of soft tissue. Our source is also highly bio-available as well.
  3. Precision has powerful and natural protease enzymes with properties that help support and speed up the inflammation process allowing the horse to find comfort faster.
  4. Precision ingredients are chelated and water soluble which means it has ultra fast absorbency. You get what you pay for in that the horse is able to absorb and utilize the nutrients quickly. This accounts why Precision All-In-One Leg Solution begins to show results in under 30 days.

Whether you are dealing with possible issues in the stifle or looking for a product to support the stifle elements as a preventative, Precision is the answer for your athlete. Click here to purchase your 30 day supply today here in the U.K and EU.

(for USA purchase click here)

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