Tallgrass Acupressure Instructor Recommends Precision to Clients

“I have been extremely pleased with the results I have seen with Precision Joint Solution Plus. As an Equine Bodyworker and Acupressure Therapist, I see many types of conditions in my practice. I am a skeptic when it comes to any supplement, if I don’t personally see tangible results I can’t recommend a product. I have seen consistently successful results with Precision! From arthritic conditions, to faster recovery of tendon and ligament strains/tears, to major scar tissue reduction, this product works like no other. I am delighted to find an all natural product that is cost effective and gets results. I have 3 of my own horses as well as numerous client’s horses on Precision. Two of mine are completely lame without it and are completely sound and able to compete while on Precision. The changes I experience in my client’s horses have helped me to address issues at a deeper and more lasting level, thereby lessening the frequency for veterinary care for things such as joint injections. PJS+ is an invaluable addition to horse care.”

Kristen Guerra – Impulse Equine Therapy  Arizona, USA

To learn more about Kristen and her background, click here! 

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