The Importance of Healthy Tendon and Ligaments

Equestrians in every discipline understand the importance of tendons and ligaments in their equine athletes. On a basic level we all know horses need them to function and injuries can be devastating. I remember missing the county fair horse show as a child because my horse had a bowed tendon. As training and competitions get more serious, so does the importance of protection and support. To learn a little more about tendons, ligaments and how you can best support your horse, keep reading.

So what exactly do these tissues do? On a very basic level, tendons connect muscle to bone. Tendons are what gives us the ability to extend and flex all our limbs.  Ligaments on the other hand connect or  bone to bone. Ligaments create the connection between bones therefore stabilizing the entire skeletal system. both tendons and ligaments are made up of fibrous connective tissues. Fibrous tissues are then made up of collagen and elastins.

There are multiple things horse owners can do to help protect their horses tendons and ligaments. For hard working horses, preventative measures can ensure a longer career.

Lets first talk about prevention.

What can you do to help support and extend the lives on your horses tendons and ligaments?

Internal supplementation can help strengthen and support tendons and ligaments by giving them proper minerals and nutrients they need to maintain strong and healthy tissues. Precision Joint Solution Plus was formulated to target not only the joints but the surrounding structures including cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Our  patent pending ingredients are designed to provide the needed collagen, elastin proteins, HA and other necessary materials to support,  strengthen and increase healing of the joint matrix and surrounding soft tissue.

Tendons and ligaments are made up of elastins and collagen. Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that is well… elastic! It allows the many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Collagen is the main supportive protein of cartilage, connective tissue, tendon, skin, and bone. Precision’s first key  ingredient Biovaflex, which contains an incredible form of elastin and collagen. Feeding this highly digestible bio-available water soluble form of elastin and collagen proteins helps strengthen and support all the tendons and ligaments as well as cartilage and bones.

In the case of injured connective tissue, this collagen can help by giving the body the proper nutrients to repair rips, tears and strains of tendons and ligaments. Additionally, our blend of pro-tease enzymes in Precision help with decreasing inflammation and  scar tissue from injuries. These crucial factors are often lacking in most joint supplements. Precision Joint Solution is the only formula on the market today with the proprietary blend of enzymes and Biovaflex.

In addition to internal support and preventative measures, we also recommend you support your horses tendons and ligaments. The video below shows just how much pressure and tension your working horses have to endure while working. For working horses, protective booths and wraps can be extremely beneficial. One hard blow to the back of the tendon from an overreach can be devastating for any horse.

At Precision, we recommend prolonging the life of your equine athlete by feeding Precision Joint Solution Plus as a preventative and support as well as using protective leg gear! To purchase your PJS+ today click here.



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